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(609) 967-4200 x3137

Sarah Stevenson

Sarah Stevenson is a luxury real estate agent serving the Avalon and Stone Harbor markets along the beautiful south Jersey shore. With an extensive background in marketing and a proven track record in the tech and hospitality industries, Sarah brings sophistication and refinement to every real estate transaction.

Before her real estate journey, Sarah made waves in the tech industry in DC, NYC, and LA, consulting for companies like The Economist, NYU, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and a virtual reality platform created by the founder of Salesforce. She led Coachella's first-ever NFT program, oversaw crypto projects for clients like Paris Hilton, and conducted AI research under Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google.

Sarah's expertise in harnessing emerging technologies and assisting high-end clients makes her uniquely qualified to guide real estate clients through ever-evolving markets. Her innovative approach ensures she stays ahead of trends, utilizing cutting-edge strategies to maximize property value.

Beyond her decade-long tech innovation experience, Sarah's strong local roots set her apart. Born and raised in the area, she possesses an inherent knowledge of the local market. Spending nine years working in local establishments such as Donna's Place in Stone Harbor and The Windrift in Avalon, she gained exceptional customer service skills and cultivated relationships with residents and visitors alike. Always interested in the value of homes and city planning, she has also served as both a Committee Board member on the Cape May Master Planning Board and a Board Member on the Greater Cape May Historical Society. 

Her marketing acumen, honed through her tenure as a Marketing Director and a degree in Mass Communication/Marketing from the University of Delaware, enables her to create captivating narratives that showcase properties in their most extraordinary light. Leveraging marketing, an eye for design, exclusive partnerships, and targeted outreach, Sarah ensures that her clients' properties are positioned to attract the most discerning buyers from around the world.

When you entrust Sarah Stevenson with your real estate needs, you gain access to a trusted advisor who embodies sophistication, professionalism, and unwavering dedication. Contact Sarah today for an exclusive real estate experience that marries elegance with forward-thinking innovations and refined coastal living.

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